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Like Breathing Out and Breathing In

My thirteen year old son became a Bar Mitzvah a couple of months ago. After years of study, he was ready to read from the torah and lead the congregation in prayer.

Family and friends traveled from all over the country to share the joy with us—and we celebrated all weekend long. There are some who think throwing an elaborate party detracts from the religious significance of this life cycle milestone, and others (like me) who cannot think of a better reason to bring friends and family together to have a great time.

On Friday night before the ceremony at our synagogue, we had about fifty out of town guests over for a casual supper at our home. After the last guest finally left, my son asked, “Mom, will you listen to me while I run through the service once?”

Of course, I agreed. He started to chant the Torah Service with confidence. He continued for a few moments and then stopped. “Do I have to review this part, too?”

I shrugged. “Why not? You should do the whole thing just like you will tomorrow morning.”

He pointed to the page. “Yeah, but this part is like breathing.”

He ended up reviewing it with me anyway. However, I was amazed at his confidence.

Is there anything in your life that you find as easy as “breathing”? It can be something that you have practiced or studied so much that it has become easy or something that has come naturally to you for as long as you can remember. Share your skills, your abilities. I can’t wait to hear about your greatest strengths!